Leveraging ChatGPT for OET Preparation: Free and Paid Strategies

Chat gpt for OET exam
Chat gpt for OET exam
Chat gpt for OET exam


Preparing for the Occupational English Test (OET) can be a challenging task, but leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT can make the process more efficient and engaging. This article from Englishey.com explores various strategies to use ChatGPT for OET preparation, suitable for both free and paid versions.

Free Strategies

  1. Daily Practice Questions
  • Listening: Ask ChatGPT to simulate listening scenarios by typing out transcripts of medical conversations and then create comprehension questions based on them.
  • Reading: Use ChatGPT to generate reading passages relevant to healthcare and ask it to formulate questions that test comprehension and critical thinking.
  • Writing: Request ChatGPT to provide essay prompts and feedback on your written responses. Focus on common OET writing tasks, such as referral letters or patient discharge summaries.
  • Speaking: Practice speaking by having ChatGPT simulate patient scenarios. Record your responses and use the AI to give you feedback on your grammar, vocabulary, and fluency.
  1. Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises
  • Use ChatGPT to create customized grammar exercises focusing on medical terminology and common grammatical structures used in the OET.
  1. Interactive Quizzes
  • Ask ChatGPT to create multiple-choice questions or true/false quizzes to test your knowledge in different areas of the OET.

Paid Strategies

  1. Personalized Study Plans
  • Invest in a premium subscription that allows you to have more personalized and detailed study plans. ChatGPT can help you create a tailored plan based on your strengths and weaknesses in different OET sections.
  1. Advanced Writing Corrections
  • Use a paid version of ChatGPT for more sophisticated writing feedback, including detailed corrections and suggestions for improvement in structure, coherence, and medical terminology.
  1. Simulated Speaking Tests
  • Schedule regular speaking practice sessions with advanced AI simulations that mimic real OET speaking scenarios. Use the feedback to improve your communication skills under test conditions.
  1. Mock Tests
  • Take full-length mock tests generated by ChatGPT, complete with timed sections and realistic questions. Analyze your performance with detailed reports and targeted advice for improvement.


Whether you are using the free or paid version of ChatGPT, integrating AI into your OET preparation can provide significant benefits. From personalized feedback to interactive practice sessions, these strategies can help you enhance your skills and boost your confidence for the OET exam.

In the next articles, we will show you how to use chat gpt in your OET preparation step by step. Stay tuned

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