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Choose the relevant data in Admission Notes

Admission Details

  • Medical Center Brisbane (April 11)
  • Colon polypectomy (April 13)
  • Post-op complications at the recovery room, experienced respiratory distress, metabolic acidosis.
  • Transferred to ICU and moved to regular ward on April 15
  • Hooked to oxygen support at 3-5L NP as needed
  • Patient uncooperative at times and requires encouragement to take medications.
  • Difficulty sitting; Cannot walk around the room.
  • Pain meds given as prn: Paracetamol 1g IV and Endone 2.5mg PRN for intolerable pain
  • On laxative, Senna, OD at bedtime.
  • Was on Foley’s Catheter; Now with adult diapers due to incontinence.
  • Stable vital signs at regular ward
  • O2 sat at 96-97% at 2-3L
  • Wean if able to tolerate 1L
  • Moderate post op pain, wound with no exudates.
  • Covid19 test negative

Answer the most essential questions

1PatientMs Sydney Loten
2RecipientMs Jane Hall, Transition Care
3RequestTransfer the patient to home
Help with transfer
4AdmissionApril 11, (this year)
5Admitting ConditionMultiple polyps
6Current Condition (Prognosis)Post polypectomy
7Treatment StatusRecovering
8Discharge StatusWill be discharged when Oxygen availability is arranged at home.
9WriterNurse Practitioner, current facility

Get Ready! Decide if the following information are relevant or irrelevant!


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