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Choose the relevant data in Discharge Plan

April 23 | Discharge Plan

  • Patient is ready for discharge.
  • Home medications and instructions given in the presence of her son.
  • Need for transition care program explained.
  • Continue dressing change at home.
  • Advised to monitor O2
  • Follow up check-up scheduled – April 30.
1PatientMs Sydney Loten
2RecipientMs Jane Hall, Transition Care
3RequestTransfer the patient to home
Help with transfer
4AdmissionApril 11, (this year)
5Admitting ConditionMultiple polyps
6Current Condition (Prognosis)Post polypectomy
7Treatment StatusRecovering
8Discharge StatusBeing discharged
9WriterNurse Practitioner, current facility

Get Ready! Decide if the following information are relevant or irrelevant!


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