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April 17 | Progress

  • Patient hesitant to ambulate around her room
  • Prefers to walk with assistance
  • Unable to tolerate O2 at 1L. O2 sat at 98% at 2L
  • Anxious during wound dressing
  • Minimal pain at the incision site
  • Encouraged sitting, standing and walking inside her room
  • Poor appetite. Constipation, resolves with laxative

April 19 | Progress

  • Patient walks around her room with walker
  • Can walk along the hospital corridors
  • Requires increase to 3L Oafter walking
  • Osat at 98% at rest
  • Less uneasy during dressing change
  • Improved appetite

April 22 | Progress

  • Patient can walk with a cane.
  • Can tolerate O2 at 1L, O2 sat 98%.
  • Minimal pain at incision site.
  • Regular bowel movement.
  • Still requires adult diapers for incontinence.
  • Eager to go home.
  • Discharge will be facilitated once O2 availability at home is confirmed.


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