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How to write the Subject / Re: in OET writing letter?

3. Writing Subject / Re:

There are two kinds of subjects

Look at the samples:

You already know that there are two categories of letters. The first category includes transfer / discharge letters and the second category, information / advice letters. The chances of the first category is 95% while there is very little possibility for an information / advice letter.

Transfer / Discharge LetterInformation letter
Re: Mr Holmes Smith, 66 yearsSubject: Information about proper use of mask
Re: Mr Holmes Smith, DOB 12 March 1980Subject: Regarding your daughter’s further care


  • Re: You should write the name and age of the patient on the Re: line.
  • Subject: The subject should be a noun phrase, like, “Regarding spread and care for threadworm-infestation.”

NB: Re: is short for “Reference.”


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