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  1. Ms Cathy Ina,
    Community Nurse
    6Buchanam St,
    Glasgow G69 6DY,
    United Kingdom.
    25 July 2018.

    Re: Ms.Anna Dijana, aged 42.

    Dear Ms. Ina,

    I am writing in regards with Ms. Dijana who is recovering from Fasciotomies, External Fixation and Compartment syndrome Of Right Lower Leg. She is ready to be discharged today and needs further care for her full recovery.
    On 15 july 2018 she was addmitted to the Hospital with pain on her right knee following she fell off the stairs.She was diagnosed with right proxima tibial fracture andlateral tibial plateau fracture with compartment syndrome.
    She was then rushed to the operation Room for two incision (4 conpartment) fasciotomies and stabilized with external fixator. A wound vacuum was put in place.
    Post operatively she is rest in comfortably.The wound is free of infection.Her vitalsigns are normal.The wound is red in color.There are no drainages, no odour and there is no pain and swelling.
    Following dischrge the patient, it would be greatly appreciate if you can make sure, Ms Anna is aware of the signs and symptoms of infection, how to keep the wound serile and clean. Advise her to elevate the affected leg while sleeping and expect some drainge amount thewound vaccum. Please tell,her to contact us immediately if there any unusual changes in the wound.
    Thak you taking over the care of Ms Anna. If you have any queries please contact me.

    Yours sincerely

    Registered Nurse,
    New Victoria Hospital.

  2. Ms. Ina Cathy
    Community Nurse
    6 Buchanan St.
    Glasgow G69,DY
    United Kingdom

    Dear Ms. Ina,
    Re: Mrs. Ana Dijani, aged 42

    I am writing to refer Mrs. Ana who is for discharge today. She is post fasciotomies on right lower leg with external fixator. Your continuing assessment and care is needed for her fully recovery.
    Mrs. Ana is a school teacher, married with two children. She known with seizure on Carbamazepine. In addition, she is non- smoker, socially drinker.
    On July 15th, Mrs. Ana is presented in the hospital with right knee pain following fall off the stairs. Upon examination she is unable to bear weight on right leg.
    She underwent two incision fasciotomies right lower leg, external fixator was applied to stabilize the fracture. On pain reliever post- operative.
    She is now stable, vitals are normal , resting comfortably. Wound is free of drainage, odor or redness, free from infection.
    Following her discharge, Mrs. Ana was educated regarding the wound care to report sign symptoms of infection, and to inform nurse immediately if noted any changes. Advise to keep the area sterile by keeping blanket, cloth out reach the wound, elevate the extremity, body parts. Mrs. Ana is also aware some drainage.
    Your continued care is highly appreciated.
    Sincerely yours,
    Registered Nurse

  3. Anyone can tell me, until what age considered as a child… Upto what age have to write first name of patient.

    Thanks in adavance

  4. 25th July 2018

    Ms Cathy Ina
    Community Nurse
    6 Buchman st
    GlasgowG69 GDY

    Re: Ms Anna Dijana, 42 years old

    Dear Ms Ina,
    I am writing to introduce Ms Dijana, 42-year-old school teacher who is discharged today and to inform you about the medical and nursing care that she needs.

    Ms Dijana was admitted five days ago to The New Victoria Hospital with right knee pain after falling off the stairs and unability to bear weight on her right leg. She was diagnosed with right proximal tibia fracture and lateral tibial plateau fracture known as Compartment syndrome. Ms Dijana underwent external fixation and fasciotomies of the right lower leg.

    In postoperarive, Ms Anna’s fractures were stabilized, the pain was managed with painkillers. However, the wound and the drainage indicated signs of infection.

    Today, Ms Diana’s wound is free of infection and there is neither swelling nor pain and the patient is resting comfortably and her vital signs are normal.

    Ms Dijana is discharge home with full education about the care of the wound site and the possibility of drainage. She is taught about the signs and symptoms of infection and the importance to notify a nurse immediately in the case of any changes occur.

    It would be highly appreciated if you provide Ms Dijana with the adequate care when she requires.
    Kindly contact me for any further queries.

    Yours faithfully.

  5. Ms. Cathy Ina
    Community Nurse
    6 Buchanan St
    Glasgow G69 6DY
    United Kingdom


    Dear Ms. Ina

    Re: Ms. Anna Dijana (aged 42)
    I am writing to inform you regarding Ms. Ina who is being discharged from our hospital into your care. She had external fixation and fasciotomies of the right lower leg done after she sustained fracture to the right proximal tibial fracture, lateral tibial plateau fracture and compartment syndrome.

    Ms. Dijana was admitted in 15/07/2018 with complaints of pain at the right knee after falling off stairs. She was unable to bear weight on the right leg. As a result, she was placed on pain medications.

    As regards her past medical and social history, she has seizures and currently on carbamazepine. She is a non-smoker but a social drinker.

    During hospitalization, wound and drainage from the wound were assessed for signs of infection. Fortunately, she is free from infection.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could please educate her on how to identify signs, symptoms of infection and to notify a nurse a nurse if anything changes. In addition, keeping the area sterile by removing blankets, clothings around the wound and likely drainage that could emanate from the wound. Please note that resting the extremity body part is essential for healing.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries.

    Yours sincerely
    United Kingdom Registered Nurse.

  6. Ms ,Cathy Inna
    Community nurse at Baillieston
    6 Buchanam St,Glasgow
    G69 6DY
    25th July 2018

    Dear Ms Cathy I am
    Re, Anna Dijana

    Am writing this letter regarding my patient Anna Dijana 42 -years -old ,who was admitted to the hospital on 15th of July 2018 with history of fall from stairs, complained of pain ,she was unable to pear on her leg. Unfortunately was diagnosed with R proximal tibia fracture and lateral tibia plateau fracture with compartment syndrome which needed urgent rush to operation room, fasciotomies done and the affected part was stabilised with external fixator doctor prescribed pain killer medication .
    Patient on assessment found resting comfortably all vital signs were normal , wound assessed ,fortunately no signs of infection found , Doctor plan to discharge her today as her condition stable , health education given to her regarding her condition , she is aware about signs and symptoms of wound infection and she were instructed to notify us immediately incase of any occur.
    Encouraged to keep the extremity out of blanket or clothing for easy observation .

    Anna on carbamazepm as a known case of seizures.

    Kindly, notify that the continuous of care is highly appreciated for the fast healing .

    Thank and regards,
    Registered Nurse

  7. Ms Cathy Ina
    Community Nurse
    Baillieston Community Care
    6 Buchanan Street
    Glasgow G69 6DY
    United Kingdom

    25th July, 2018.

    Dear Ms Ina,
    RE: Discharge of Ms Anna Dijana a 42-year-old admitted on 15/07/18 at The New Victoria Hospital.
    I write to refer back into your care Ms Dijana, a school teacher with two kids for ongoing care and support. Ms Dijana was admitted to the hospital after a fall off the stairs on the 15th of July, 2018. Her condition has improved and is being discharged into your care today (25/07/18).
    Ms Dijana was X-rayed after complains of right knee pain and inability to bear weight on the right leg and diagnosed as right proximal tibia fracture as well as lateral tibial plateau fracture with compartment syndrome. Ms Dijana was sent to the operating Room and her fractures were stabilized with external-fixator, a fasciotomy on the right lower leg was done to relief her compartment syndrome. She is on analgesics for pain management and carbamazepine for seizures.
    The wound VAC on Ms Dijana’s fasciotomy incisions proved beneficial as her wound and drainage showed no signs of infections on assessment. No swelling, odor, drainage as well as localized pain on assessment. She is free of infection and resting comfortably.
    It would be beneficial if you educate her on signs and symptoms of infections, the wound site and to promptly notify a nurse if any abnormality is observed. Please educate her on how to keep the wound sterile.
    Could you please educate her about the expected drainage and how to rest the extremity (right lower leg).
    Please feel free to contact me if you need further information.
    Yours sincerely,
    Ankapong Ebenezer
    Registered Nurse.

  8. Ms Cathy Ina
    Community Nurse
    6 Buchanan Street
    G69 6DY,UK

    25 July 2018

    Dear Ms Ina

    Re:Ms Anna Dijana,42 years

    I am writing regarding Ms Dijana who is being discharged from our care.She was diagnosed of right proximal tibial fracture, lateral plateau fracture and compartment syndrome 10 days ago.She requires continued care and she is being handed over to you.

    On admission 10 days ago,Ms Dijana had a right knee pain after falling off the stairs and she was unable to bear the weight of the leg.She was rushed to the OR and had a two-incision (four-compartment)fasciotomies on the lower leg done.Pain medication was given.The wound was on VAC on fasciotomy incisions.

    Post-operatively,the wound was assessed and there were no signs of infection and in good condition.

    In terms of medical history, Ms Dijana has seizures and she takes carbamazepine.

    Socially,Ms Dijana is a school teacher, she is married with two children and she drinks socially.

    In view of the above, it is important to educate Ms Dijana about wound care.She requires to know the signs and symptoms of infection as well as notifying if there is any change.Teach her thee importance of keeping the wound site sterile from blankets and clothing.Advise her to rest the extremities.To add on that, the visitors are to be educated on the same issue.Worth to note, she has to be aware of the drainage from the wound.

    If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Yours sincerely

    The New Victoria Hospital

  9. Ms. Cathy Ina
    Community Nurse
    Baillieston Community Care
    6 Buchanan Street
    Glasgow G69 6DY, UK

    11 July 2022

    Re: Mrs. Anna Dijana, aged 42

    Dear Ms. Ina

    I am writing this letter to discharge Mrs. Anna Dijana into your care who was admitted on 15 July 2018 and undergone external fixation and fasciotomies on right lower leg due to fall. She is set to be discharged on 25 July 2018 and your continuity of care is requested.

    Mrs. Dijana presented to hospital due to right knee pain following a fall, upon assessment she had fractures on her right proximal tibia and lateral tibial plateau. In addition, she was also diagnosed with compartment syndrome. Previously she had seizures and currently taking carbamazepine.

    During hospitalization, Mrs. Dijana was rushed to OR for fasciotomies of right lower leg. Subsequently, an external fixation was done to stabilized her fractures. She was given pain medication as needed and a wound vac was performed on incisions.

    Since Mrs. Dijana did not manifest signs of infections, she is now ready to be discharge and your continuous management is needed. Please note that she is already aware about the signs and symptoms of infection and advised to notify the nurse if any changes seen. Kindly, to demonstrate to her how keep the area sterile and do the same to those who come to their house. Lastly, inform her about the color of drainage she will expect for the coming days.

    Should you have any question about Mrs. Dijana, do not hesitate to contact me

    Yours sincerely,


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