Writing task 1 with sample answer for Doctors

OET Writing task 1 with sample answer for Doctors

OET Writing task 1 with sample answer for Doctors

OET Writing task 1 with sample answer for Doctors

Writing Task 1 Doctors

Occupational English Test
Writing Sub-test: Medicine
Time Allowed:
                              Reading Time: 5 minutes
                              Writing Time: 40 minutes

Read the cases notes below and complete the writing task that follows

Today’s Date

Patient History

Miss Cathy Jones – 25 year old single woman
Occupation – receptionist
Family history of deep vein thrombosis
On progesterone-only pill (POP) for contraception
No previous pregnancies

Presents to GP surgery at 7 pm, after work
Complains of lower abdominal pain since the evening before, worse in right iliac fossa
Unsure of last menstrual period, has had irregular bleeding since starting
POP 2 months ago, New partner for past 2 months
No bladder or bowel symptoms

Mild right iliac fossa tenderness, no rebound / guarding
Apyrexial, pulse 88, BP 110/70
Vaginal examination – quite tender in right fornix. No masses

Non-specific abdo pain
Plan: Asks her to return in morning for blood test and reassessment

Pain has worsened overnight. Now severe constant pain.
Some slight vaginal bleeding overnight also.
Felt faint while waiting in reception.
On questioning, has left shoulder-tip pain also.

Very tender in the right iliac fossa, with guarding and rebound tenderness
Apyrexial, Pulse 96, BP 110/70
On vaginal examination, has cervical excitation and markedly tender in the right fornix.
Pregnancy test result positive
Urine dipstick clear

Suspected ectopic pregnancy
Plan: You ring the on duty Gynaecology Registrar and ask for urgent assessment, and are
instructed to send her to the A&E Department with a referral letter.

Writing Task

You are the GP, Dr Sally Brown. Write Referral letter to the Gynaecology Registrar at the Mater Hospital, South Brisbane. Ask to be kept informed of the outcome.

In your answer:

  • Expand the relevant case notes into complete sentences
  • Do not use note form
  • The body of the letter should not be more than 200 words
  • Use correct letter format

Task 1 Model Answer

Gynaecology Registrar
A&E Department
Mater Hospital
South Brisbane

Dear Doctor,
Re: Cathy Jones DOB 1.12.83

          Thank you for seeing this 25 year old woman who I suspect has an ectopic pregnancy.

This is her first pregnancy. She presented to the surgery yesterday evening with vague lower abdominal pain. She started the progesterone-only pill for contraception two months ago, when she started a new relationship, and has had some irregular bleeding since then. Therefore she is unsure of her exact last menstrual period. Yesterday, she was mildly tender only and her observations were normal.

However, on review this morning her pain had worsened overnight, she is very tender in the right iliac fossa, with rebound and guarding, and on vaginal examination there is cervical excitation, and marked tenderness in the right fornix. Her pregnancy test is positive.

I am concerned that she may have an ectopic pregnancy, and would appreciate your urgent assessment.
Please keep me informed of the outcome.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Sally Brown (GP)

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