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OET Listening Test 2

OET Listening test 2

This test has three parts. In each part you will hear a number of different extracts.
At the start of each extract, you will hear this sound:–beep–
You will have time to read the questions before you hear each extract and you will hear each extract ONCE ONLY.
At the end of the test you will have two minutes to check your answers.

OET Listening Test 2


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  1. 5. not “severs rash”; (a) severe rash.

    25. answer is C not B
    Usually a bone marrow aspiration is taking from the pelvic bone called the ilium, that can be accessed from the lower back near the hip.
    The sample can also be taken from the center bone in the chest, called the sternum, or the front of the pelvic bone near the groin.
    -> the dialogue clearly indicates that sternum OR front of pelvic bone near groin, NOT both.

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