OET Speaking role play 1 for Nurses

OET Speaking Sample Test  – Role play card number 1 for nursing from oet 2.

You have 2 – 3 minutes to read and prepare the card and about 5 minutes to do this OET Speaking role play 1 for nurses.

OET speaking sample material for nursing
Card No. 1

Candidate Card No. 1



Emergency department


You are an 18 year old female with undiagnosed anorexia nervosa who has self presented to an emergency department due to severe heart palpitations which you’ve
never had before. Initially the doctors give you some heart drugs to slow your heart
back to a normal rhythm but they also now have an intravenous drip connected to you
which you are very anxious about and don’t understand. Generally you are very defensive and angry in your interactions with staff and are in denial about having anorexia nervosa or any mental health problems.


  • Ask the nurse about why you have a drip running and express fear that it
    might harm you in some way.
  • When the nurse tries to make conversation with you about your eating habits, initially answer some of his/her questions, but fairly quickly become defensive & angrily ask why it’s their business to know about your personal habits.
  • When the nurse tells you a psychiatric doctor will come to see you, become
    angry again, protesting that these doctors are only for crazy people and that there is nothing wrong with your mind. Calm down only when the nurse persuades you that that your eating behaviour is now causing very serious problems in your life

Candidate Card No. 1



Emergency department


An eighteen year old female with undiagnosed anorexia nervosa has presented to your emergency department with an abnormal heart rhythm caused by her poor nutritional status. Cardiac treatment has stabilised her heart but she is still currently receiving a potassium infusion via a drip to prevent further such problems. Other than when she wants you to explain treatment to her, she is defensive and angry to communicate with and in denial that she has any kind of eating disorder or mental health issues.


  • Reassuringly answer her anxious questions about the intravenous drip being given to stabilise her electrolytes.
  • Tactfully ask her about her eating habits and food intake, emphasising your therapeutic aims for asking these questions.
  • Advise her that a mental health doctor will come to see her soon and when she becomes angry about having to see a ‘doctor for crazy people’, try to persuade her of the importance of dealing with her mental health/eating issues to prevent such life threatening hospital admissions.


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  1. It sound that you are irritated about your situation, but the doctor ordered potassium and iv fluids via drip so that your body will replenish for all the electrolyte and minerals that your body needed. Also, since you deprived yourself too much from eating which eventualy causes your heart abnormal ryhtym that put your health at risk, i know it’s hard on youe part but if you will put some trust on us we will gwt thru this. By the way the psychiatric doctor will come to see you and give you advice on what can we do about what can we do to meet our intervention that must be done to you

  2. Hi, I am nurse for today’s shift. I can see that you are quite tense or angry. Is there anything I can help you?
    I see that you don’t want these fluids going on and your upset for getting it, but the doctor ordered these fluids with electrolytes because this electrolytes that your body needs affecting the functions of your heart. These electrolytes that is in this fluids going to your body will help replaced the electrolytes that was deprived when you did not eat. The abnormal heart beat is only just one of the symptoms that your body is showing now a days.
    Now, would like anything to make you comfortable?
    There will be a psychiatrist that will see you sometime today, to assess you further and help you to overcome this predicament of yours.
    Psychiatrist is not only for the mentally ill patients. Even me I am seeing a psychiatrist to help me on my anxieties. Helping me to overcome what I am going thru on difficult situations. Like me, you can find help in the psychiatrist in dealing this.

  3. Hello, im one of the nurses working here, you can call me Phellysters. Im meeting you for the first time, can you tell me your name?
    The drip is on to make your electrolytes to balance.
    What do you like eating? How many times to eat it in a day? How many meals do you take in a day? The amount of food you eat? Im sorry but you the type of food we eat, the portion and the nutrional value of every meal is very necessary for the balancing our body electrolytes and we need good nutrional foods and portions for a healthy body. A healthy body will fight disease and stay strong and healthy.
    A mental doctor will come and talk to you soon. Im sorry but the doctor just talk to you on issues of your eating habits and your reactions to situations and thats i know will make feel better and relaxed so and you get to know how to live heathier to avoid recurring sickness and visiting the hospital most of the times.

  4. Hello ! I am your assigned nurse today. I noticed that you seems to agitated and anxious regarding the drip being hooked to you. Rest assured that this drip will help and correct your electrolyte imbalance. To make your worries more clearer regrading the drip being hooked to you , I would like to ask your eating habits . Do you regularly eat ? what kind of food you usually intake,? Are you following well balanced meals? ‘It seems your food intake is not healthy and affecting your body especially your electrolytes. A psychiatrist will come and examined you. Calm down , I know you are worried being labelled to be crazy but I would like to informed you that a mental doctor is not for crazy person but in your situation you need this doctor to assist in coping your psychological problems and provide you guidance in addressing your eating problem on how to cope with it and avoid any possible hospital admission .
    Thank you

  5. Notes: Hi My name is Mina one of the shift nurses will care for you. Please can I have your name and what can I call you as you want? Ok, nice to meet you. You are looking a bit nervous about intravenous treatment but I want to reassure you that this treatment is for your body needs to have electrolytes that protect you from suffering abnormal heart rhythm and help your body to get through balance.

    I know it seems to be a bit scary but believe me, it is essential for your body. Your body appears to lack some vitamins and minerals because of your feeding habits am I right. Could I ask if it doesn’t mind you give details about your food intake? please. I understood. Sometimes we don’t want to eat what we need to intake after that it comes to a habit in our lives and our body starts to give signals about lacking some essential nutrition. 

    So the doctors have tried to compensate for your body essentials by giving this liquid. and it makes you feel comfortable after taking this treatment. But you will see a specialist doctor who is a psychiatrist who will help you to overcome your poor nutritional habits. Please don’t think like that. It is no wrong with it. Everybody needs to get supportive treatment or TALK TO SOMEBODY PROFESSIONAL in their job. 

  6. hello my name is khati! M a nurse in this department and m hear here to assist you.

    i can see you quite worried about the intravenous drip. i can reassure you that this drip is given to you to stabilize electrolyte in the body so that you feel better, that`s why it is important that a person eat a well balanced meal every day and drink more fluids every day so that person have good nutritional status and good immunity system
    would you mind telling me the type of food you eat and how many times do you eat and drink fluid in a day? the questions will help us to understand the problems your coming with and also help us come up with the solution to the problem.
    your answers to my questions shows me that you have eating disoder that needs to be urgently attended so that we prevent life threatening hospital emergencies so thats why it is important that you see a mental health doctor to help deal with your eating disoder.i can understand how your are feeling but i can assure that if you give the doctor a cnance help you will get better with time anderstand the importance of eating right

  7. Hello, good day, I am Helen, one of the nurses working in this department, I am here to attend to your needs (smiling). Could you please tell me your name too? Ok, I understand how you feel about the drip but I will like to let you know that you will greatly benefit from this infusion of potassium as this will assist in replacing the electrolytes that have been lost from your body while you deprived yourself from getting enough food. The various vitamins and minerals reduced while you didn’t eat will be replaced. if you don’t mind, permit me to ask about your daily meal schedule, how often do you eat or skip meals? I asked these questions to help us provide solutions that will assist you to have an optimum eating habit which will be beneficial to your health.
    That being said, I will like you to know that the Mental health Dr. will attend to you soon. I really understand your judgement about seeing one but I am assuring you that they don’t see only crazy people but the Mental health Dr. will assist you to get a stable eating habit because this is very essential to your mental health and it will also prevent any further flare ups leading to hospital emergencies concerning your condition, Trust me, you will really benefit from this if you allow us assist you. Is this ok with you? Thank you for your response, the Dr. will see you as soon as possible.

  8. Good afternoon. My name is ajaz and i am on of the nurses in emergency. How may i help u and as i received your call.
    I understand your concern about IV fluid, that i will explain you ,but before i need to confirm how may i address you.
    OK Ms Mary thank you for giving your name. As i under stand you are worried about intravenous fluid.
    Is there specific are which is bothering you.
    Oh i see ,as you mentioned that why are talking fluid while orall fluid is available.
    and i aknowledge your concerns are quite natural.
    Let me explain you, you were recently diagnosed with eletrolys deficit and it is affecting your heart and we manged your heart rythm .As a part of action, we need to ensure that deficite electroly are compensated. These electrolytes can also be gained through oral foods afterward.
    I hope i respond your query.
    May i ask about your eating patterns as it is very import to produce enough electrolytes for healthy heart function
    As you menton, you food intake is not enough and you are delaying the basic need .It is important to discuss in more detail and improve your eating plan through counselling by our expert.
    May i ask to refere to our pscychologist who will guide further.
    It is very natuaral to ask question about psychologist refereall. However it imortant to manage the and motivate your fluid intake and and pschologist will help and guide further
    Apart from this do youhave any other question
    Thank you for understanding wishing u a speedy recovery and hoping all measure will improve your health in long run

  9. Hi!
    my name is Jayne. And i am your nurse for today’s shift.
    I noticed that you are upset because of the IV hooked to you.
    I understand your concern but this is important to stabilize your electrolyte imbalance which resulted from your eating habits.
    So, I want to know more about your eating practices. What you usually eat? how often do you eat? This must be upsetting to you, but your eating habit is affecting your health. And a psychiatrist is needed and that he is coming to see your in a while. Yes, I completely understand your point but a psychiatrist is not only meant for mentally ill patients. They can cater to a wide range of patients especially on their behavior. Currently, meeting with the psychiatrist is a great move to help you understand more your about your eating behavior.

  10. Hello Catherine I am ajaz one of the ED nurses .i will be looking after. How may i help you
    I understand you have a concern about IV fluid,would you mind to specify your concern

    Thank you very much for sharing. As i understand your are worried why we give you IV fluid instead of oral.Is it right
    Ok allow me to explain about IV fluid fluid, May I
    As you arrived in the emergency unit you heart was beating was a fast rate and it was important to stabilize it, It was brought to normal speed by an electric appliance how are you feeling now?
    I am gland that you are feeling better.
    But still it is important to maintain electrolytes as you have less potassium in your blood.
    as it was an emergency requirement so replaced it with IV fluid. I hope you understand the urgency of IV fluid.
    If you don’t mind can I ask you about your eating habits and food pattern
    I understand it is your personal information however it is important for ongoing treatment and replacement of essential electrolytes in the body
    Thank you very much for sharing about your diet
    Do you think that your taking requirement diet as per your body’s need?
    I am glad that you are thinking about less food intake. And i am sure you will agree that we need to fix it and prevent the recurrence
    May we talk about the psychologist’s advice and referral to adjust this concern?
    I understand your response is quite natural if I were in your place I will think the same way.
    However, it is very important to address the root cause and a psychologist would be the right person to help in this case. What do you think
    Thank you very much for consideration and I am sure it would be really helpful
    Apart from Psychologist review and potassium drip do you have any concern
    Thank you very much .Wish you a speedy recovery.

  11. Hello. i am Mohatlane, a nurse who is allocated to assist you at this shift. Are you okay with that?
    I am aware that you are anxious of the intravenous trip that is inserted into your veins, it is only aimed to correct your electrolytes imbalance, no any harm you may encounter.
    As i mentioned that we discovered electrolytes imbalance, could you please tell me of how do eat. The aim is to discuss it and agree about the correct manner if you are getting wrong or to maintain it if you are correct.
    Lastly to avoid further hospital admission, it is suggested that we should work on your mental issues regarding eating habits. Then i will call upon a doctor who deal with mental disorder issues. Is it right with you?

  12. Good morning, my name is Gemma Neptune, one of the nurses working here today at the Emergency Department. Can you tell me your name please? Nice to meet you.
    I noticed that you’re a bit anxious. would you like to tell me a little more about you’re feeling?
    I am sorry to hear such, but I can reassure you that intravenous fluids you’re receiving will do you good. the purpose for receiving the fluid is to reestablish the abnormal heart rhythms you present with due to poor diet. Also, potassium is an electrolyte to aid in maintaining your hearts normal heart rate. Is this clear?
    Would you like to tell me a little more about what your include in your diet and your eating patterns? Reason for asking about your eating habits is because we need to get a baseline of your daily intake so we can improve your nutritional status, am I clear?
    Another thing I had to mention, is that you will be reviewed by the psychiatrist, understood?
    He is only here to help and to talk to you about the importance of consuming a healthy diet and how to deal with your anxiety to order to prevent such incident from re-occurring and avoiding readmission.
    thanks for your time and enjoy the remainder of your day

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