OET Speaking role play 2 for Nurses

OET Speaking Role play 2 for nursing
OET Speaking Role play 2 for nursing

OET Speaking Sample Test  – Role play card number 2 for nursing from oet 2.

You have 2 – 3 minutes to read and prepare the card and about 5 minutes to do this OET Speaking role play 1 for nurses.

OET speaking sample material for nursing
Card No. 2

Candidate Card No. 2



Suburban Clinic


You are the 30 year old parent of a four year old child (Mellisa). You were called to her kindergarten as she had fallen from the playground equipment. You notice that your child has a swollen forearm and you are concerned that it is broken


  • Find out if your child’s arm is broken.
  • Find out what treatment is necessary.
  • Find out if her arm will grow properly in the future.
  • You are very concerned about this as she is in a lot of pain, and has never had any accident like this before.
  • Find out what can be done about the pain.

Candidate Card No. 1



Suburban Clinic


This thirty year old parent is concerned about his/her child’s forearm, which appears broken. The parent wants to know about the treatment and if the fracture will affect future growth.


  • Find out how it happened. Examination shows that the child has suffered a greenstick fracture which will require a plaster cast and sling.
  • Explain
    – future growth should not be impaired;
    – approx. 6 weeks to heal;
    – all normal activities ok, within limitations of wearing plaster

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