OET Speaking role play 3 for Nurses

OET Speaking Role play 3 for nursing
OET Speaking Role play 3 for nursing

OET Speaking Sample Test  – Role play card number 3 for nursing from oet 2.

You have 2 – 3 minutes to read and prepare the card and about 5 minutes to do this OET Speaking role play 3 for nurses.

OET speaking sample material for nursing
Card No. 3

Candidate Card No. 2





You are a 42 year old woman admitted with an exacerbation of chronic pulmonary disease. You work in the insurance sector and have a very hectic and stressful work life. You also have to take care of 3 school going children and find it difficult to cope-up with work and family. Hence you can’t imagine quitting smoking though you are aware of how badly it affects you. A specialist nurse is visiting you to discuss smoking cessation.


  • Tell the nurse that you have already reduced your smoking drastically and that it would be impossible to quit completely
  • Tell her how stressed your days are with a busy work schedule and a family of 3 children.
  • Be hesitant to listen to advice, but reluctantly agree to try quitting
  • Ask for alternative destressing methods

Candidate Card No. 1





You are specifically assigned the duty of advising those with long-term conditions on smoking cessation and the effects this can have on their condition and treatment. You are meeting a 42 year old woman admitted with an exacerbation of chronic pulmonary disease. She leads a busy life, with an insurance job and a family of 3 children.


  • Explain the effect of smoking on long-term conditions
  • Increase the patient’s confidence in using treatments to quit smoking while in hospital
  • Offer emotional and psychological support
  • Suggest other methods to reduce stress

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  1. hello ! Iam your nurse today .
    I am here to tell about smoking and the possible side effects in your health . so to begin with , I would like to educate the effects of smoking in your body.Smoking has a substance called nicotine and these substance can cause damage the tissue of your lungs and most likely leading cause of lung cancer and your condition being experienced COPD smoking has important factor of it. COPD is chronic airway condition due narrowing of airway . Here in the hospital we have some treatment to control your urges to smoke it called nicotine patch . It is place on your arm and it acts as replacement to cigarette and other nicotine containing products . They do this slowly re;easing small amounts of nicotine to curb your cravings . I know your worried but we the nurses are here to support you in fight to quit smoking . If you have any urges to smoke , I can give some tips that will help control like distraction technique ,train your mind to think the harmful side effects of smoking in your body , you go for walk , watch televisions and read some magazines and books. You can use some chewing mint and candies as an alternative for cigarette .
    To end our sessions , do you have any questions ? thank you

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