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  1. July 22, 2021

    Ms. Bhavna Sandrine,
    Charge Nurse
    Palmer Home Care Facility,

    Dear Ms. Bhavna Sandrine,

    Re. Caderina Piper, 90 years old

    Thank you for accepting Ms. Caderina Piper, who was admitted in Beachmam Ambulatory Care Center, due to stress disorder. She is set to be discharged today and requires continuity of care and management.

    In year 2016 she ha been traumatized because her home was broken and robbed, as a result she developed anxiety, delusion and distressed. Howerver she improved and was discharged after two months. In addition, in year 2017 her condition was worsened, she developed a psychotic symptoms and was hospitalized for14 days and has been improved without help of any psychotic drugs.

    One week following discharged her symptoms rapidly recurred after she returned to her apartment. Thus, she was sent back to the hospital. She is on haloperidol 0.025- 1.01mg/dl. Also, cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy was commenced.

    It is beneficial to engage her in daily activities that would help her cope with her condition.Also, encouraged her to verbalize her feelings and give her time talk. Furthermore, stay with her as she requires support system.

    Please note that you can contact the hospital for any emergency issues and kindly monitor her compliance with medication.

    Please don’t hesitate do contact me if you need any help.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Charge Nurse

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